Friday, September 9, 2011

Cupcakes for dummies. ;-)

I've been asked to make a tutorial about how to make those cupcakes with paper roses. I had to wait for more roses and more inspiration, but now here it is:

You need:
1 piece  3" styrolit ball (I hope it's called the same in English... )
1 strip of patterned paper
1 piece of cardstock
Paper roses in 2 sizes and 2 colors (about 16 pieces of almost 1" (2-2,5cm) and about 45 pieces of  ½" (1-1,5cm)
Hot glue gun
Fluid chalk ink pad
Scoring board
Edger punch
2 pieces of 14" (ca 36cm) lace
Ribbon + decorations of your choice

Cut a 2"x12" (5cm x 30,5cm) paper strip of patterned paper. Punch one side with an edger punch. I used Martha Stewart's Doily Lace. Put the strip of paper on your scoring board and score every 1/4 inch (ca 0,5cm).  

Fold the paper strip.

Ink the folds and the top of the paper strip.

Glue the ends together. I used Glossy accents.

Gently squeeze the ball down into the paper circle, until it reaches the table. 

Then find something round that matches the size of the bottom of the cupcake. It's better if it's a little too big, than a little too small. I used this glass.

Take the glass (or whatever you found) and trace on a piece of cardstock, then cut out, glue around the edges and add some lace around it.

Put glue at the inner edge of the lace. Measure with your cupcake first so you know more exactly where to put the glue.

Put the paper circle on the glue and keep a gentle pressure on for a while until it sticks.

Then use the hot glue gun to glue the ball to the bottom. I also put a little glue at the inside, but not to close to the top.

I glue a not so wide lace just inside the edge.

Then it's time to add the roses. I start with one circle of the bigger ones. Make sure you glue them tight together to avoid the ball to shine through.

After I complete the circle with the larger roses, I move on to the smaller ones. I keep adding them, tightly together, one circle at a time until there's just a little space left on top. Then I add a "cherry" or a bigger rose as in this case. Then decorate with what you like. I used ribbons, a pin, a punched out butterfly, half pearls and stamped a little message that I glued to a little wooden stick. Voilá! =) 


  1. Ljuvlig cupcake!

    Höstkramen Anna

  2. so pretty ! Thanks for the tuto !

  3. I will definitely be trying that!!!! GORGEOUS!

  4. GORGEOUS Annika!!!! Thanks for showing us how it can be done!! I'll put it on my pin board to show others as well!! TFS!

  5. Love it! Thanks for the tutorial! =)

  6. Soooo pretty Annika! Wow! thanks for the tutorial!

  7. That is stunning! I love the little roses and the feel of this project!

  8. Aww... this is super pretty! I love this! :)

  9. Annika, that is so cool! Great tutorial!:)

  10. Super pretty!! How I wish I can eat that now. Lol!

  11. SARAH SAYS: beautiful, definatly a project i will be trying out for valentine or something, its up on the altered project blog now, tfs x x

  12. This is so sweet! What a perfect little cupcake. :)

  13. Tack för titten inne hos mej! Så kul när man ser vilka "filurer" som varit på besök.
    Du gör ju en hel massa underbara saker. Jag gör i princip aldrig LO:s men man vet aldrig, det kanske kommer det också. Här fick jag inspiration att äntligen göra klart min cupcake som sett lite övergiven ut på pysselbordet.
    Ha det bra!

  14. Läckert å jag som alltid undrat hur man gör *blond* flirtkulor is tha shit =D