Saturday, July 30, 2011

Precious moments

Aloha scrappers! Yes, I'm alive. ;) My mojo just took a vacation, but now it's back.

This photo is my favourite one from this summer. Baby Junie at the beach. It speaks volumes to me. It's one of those precious moments when you wished you could stop time. Summer, sun, beach, sea, happy playing children, pure joy and thankfulness! There's so much in life to be thankful for. And how easy it is to miss those moments, if you don't "stop and smell the flowers".

So push the stop button, open your eyes and enjoy the little things, the everyday golden moments. If you capture it on camera, why not enter this challenge at Scrapping Everyday Miracles.


p.s. I used Pagemaps October 2010 for the design. d.s.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cupcake #2

My daughter Camilla wanted a cupcake too, so I made another one. This one is a bit smaller and with no card inside. TFL!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


My oldest daughter turned 26 yesterday and I made her a cupcake. I found this great tutorial by Bella Mio, you can find it here:

Here's the one I did:

It was easy to make, and lots of fun! But now I have to buy more paper roses! =)

Hugs & blessings!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Scrappy days are here again!

Hi there sweetie pies! =)

I'm in a creative flow and it feels so good! To be creative, work with colors, shapes, patterns, really is an energy boost! Pays off better than sleeping! I know, because I've been scrapping 3 nights in a row, sleeping only 4-6 hours a night, and I'm still not tired. Not more than usual any way. ;) And I hope to have some scrappy time tonight too. =)

Here's a page showing my oldest daughter and her son. I love that photo! I used patterned papers from Swedish Maja Design. Gorgeous papers!

This one is about my daughter Petra turning 10 years old this summer. Where did the years go? Time really flies so fast it's scary...

And now the "center piece", in my opinion the best layout I've ever done so far. I'm so pleased with everything! Colors, photos, design... *happy sigh* My darling baby Junie is in the pictures. I used a cake paper (is that the right word in english?) as background, and the big pink roses are handmade by me. And this is the first time I managed to add a bling swirl without it looking misplaced. Yay! =)

Will I ever get this feeling of "perfect" again? I sure hope so! =)  TFL! 

Hugs & blessings!