Saturday, July 30, 2011

Precious moments

Aloha scrappers! Yes, I'm alive. ;) My mojo just took a vacation, but now it's back.

This photo is my favourite one from this summer. Baby Junie at the beach. It speaks volumes to me. It's one of those precious moments when you wished you could stop time. Summer, sun, beach, sea, happy playing children, pure joy and thankfulness! There's so much in life to be thankful for. And how easy it is to miss those moments, if you don't "stop and smell the flowers".

So push the stop button, open your eyes and enjoy the little things, the everyday golden moments. If you capture it on camera, why not enter this challenge at Scrapping Everyday Miracles.


p.s. I used Pagemaps October 2010 for the design. d.s.


  1. åååå... vilken ljuvlig, både layouten och fotografiet. Det är ju verkligen ett sånt där "kodak moment".

  2. så utrolig flott en LO du har laget her....likte absolutt alt ved den! takk for titten

  3. Underbar LO! Fina papper och snygg komposition! Jag håller med om att fotot är underbart!

  4. This sure is "one of those photos", so simple yet so beautiful and meaningful! I know exactly how you feel and you're right, it's so easy to miss these moments as we're always in a hurry and rushing everywhere. LOVE your layout, the colors, the design, the photo ... it's great!! (from which manu are those papers???)
    Btw thanks for leaving me a comment on the Inkido blog Annika! Really appreciate it!

  5. Monique, thanks for your lovely comment! The papers are from the Swedish manu "Maja Design". I totally love their papers!

  6. Du är en poet vännen =) Du skriver så vackert till din layout så det känns som jag var med på stranden då fotot togs =). Denna är underbar!!!!! Å visst är det så att vi så lätt glömmer att vara tacksam för det lilla vackra runt omkring oss.

    Kramiz maja

  7. Underbart. Trevlig att "se" dig inne på Nook också. Vi ses väl i Övik ?